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Born-again Christians Are Seated With Christ in the Heavenlies (Right Now!!)

Ephesians 2:6:

God raised us up with Christ and seated us with Him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus..."

All of us who belong to Jesus have so much to be thankful for!

Ephesians 2:6 teaches that those of us who have been born again…those of us who have repented of our sins and have given Jesus the proper place of leadership in our lives… those of us who daily and genuinely seek to put JESUS in charge of our lives…

God has already “raised us up with Christ and seated us with Christ in the heavenly realms!”

Wow! That's an incredible statement.

To be honest, it is a big, bold biblical statement that even pastors and teachers struggle to fully comprehend!

Being seated with Christ in the heavenly realms is something we can’t see with our eyes. It is something nobody can prove (or disprove) in this physical realm in which we now live.

It is a spiritual reality that can only be accepted by faith!

It is only by FAITH in God's Word that we can begin to comprehend the incredible blessedness of this inspired statement from Ephesians 2:6.

We are all sinners. We deserve death. And yet God loved us so much that he sent his only begotten Son to die to pay the penalty for our sins.

While we were still enemies, Christ died for us.

As a result, all who have a living faith in Jesus - all who make Jesus their "Lord" are "joined with Christ" spiritually. Thus we share in the glorious blessings that Jesus earned on our behalf. (Instead of the shameful punishment we actually deserve!)

So it is that even though we face many heartaches and trials during our days on this earth, God has blessed us with the most incredible and important blessings in the spiritual realm.

Our trials on this earth are temporary, but

God’s love and personal fellowship are eternal!

We look forward to the blessed promise of eternity in the presence of the LORD forevermore, where there will be no more sorrow, no more tears, no more disenfranchisement, no more strained relationships…

Yes, as born-again Christians we have every reason to look to the future with hope and joy!

No matter what we are called to face in the present moment, we know that THE BEST IS ALWAYS YET TO COME!

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